Our mission and promise to you is to provide you with a color system that will allow you to present yourself, your business or your product in the best light possible.  Our products are 100% money back guaranteed.*

ColorTools provides a personalized color analysis system designed to bring out your best unique, radiant self.

Best of all through our proprietary 5 Step Color System you will:

  1. Easily learn our system
    1. Instantly identify if an item is in your best color family in any lighting conditions
    2. Quickly shop with our Gemtone Cards and save time and money
  2. Streamline your wardrobe
    1. Choose items that always coordinate instead of relying on matchy-matchy items
    2. Clear your closet of unflattering items and make room for new fashions that complement YOU.
  3. Always get consistent results
    1. Our laminated Gemtone cards are convenient to use
    2. Durable Gemtone cards eliminate the bulky fabric swatches that can never be matched

Wait there’s more! You will always appear confident, successful and prosperous!

ColorTools is the only color analysis system that streamlines your personal color wardrobe for women and men, globally, who want to stand out with a confident, signature presence but don’t know how in an era of overflowing wardrobes with nothing to wear.

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