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ColorTools® is the only color analysis system that streamlines your personal color wardrobe for women and men, globally, who want to stand out with a confident, signature presence but don’t know how in an era of overflowing wardrobes with nothing to wear.

Imagine …

  • Looking years younger
  • Bright eyes and smile
  • Looking confident and successful
  • Feeling great, energetic and prosperous
  • Saving time dressing each morning
  • Always knowing what colors and style make you look radiant
  • Not having to shop through a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear
  • Not having to spend time and money dealing with ‘returns’

A color and image assessment can enhance your personal appearance, or totally transform your look. Color can evoke emotion and action in your business or your product presentation.

Book a complimentary 15 minute discovery session to see how our services can enhance you or your business.

I am Ms. Charli Mace, color and image professional, and I can personalize any of the following services or speaking engagements. Let’s have a conversation.

  • Personal Color and Image Analysis
  • Professional Makeup – Lessons (private and group)
  • Wardrobe Assessments and Streamlining / Capsule Wardrobing
  • Business and Home Décor for maximum visual impact
  • Speaking engagements for business and social groups
  • Fundraisers
  • Color Certification and Image Training for individuals and entrepreneurs

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