Our Vision is for all women, and men, to cultivate their confidence and prosperity through effective use of color.

I am Charli Mace, Color and Image Professional and I love color! My philosophy is that a little bit of color awareness can make a big difference in how you, your products, or your brand, is perceived. I have been researching and teaching others how color has an impact in everyday life for over 30 years and our patented color system is used in over 40 countries.

Our 5 Step Color Analysis System has been designed to make life’s color decisions easy.

Let’s have a conversation to see how our program can make you the shining star that you are.

A 15 – minute discovery session will help determine your best plan to show up uniquely you with confidence.

Are you ready to:

  • Look Great
  • Feel Great
  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Experience Easy Shopping
  • Find your Signature Style

I offer personalized consultations so you get consistent results, whether you are deciding on a brief do-it-yourself color analysis kit, finding your signature style, or building your business brand.

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