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The first thing you notice when someone approaches is color.
Believe it or not, color will affect your mood, attitude, presentation and style.

How Color Can Change Your State of Mind

Colors in a person’s environment can have a dramatic effect on his or her mood state. Many psychologists have reported that mere exposure to color can alter not only mood, but also performances on specific tasks such as exams.

Are You Conveying the Right Image?

Perception of your business is everything. Colors have long been known to draw out different emotions and attitudes, so utilizing them strategically can have a powerful effect on your business.

The Importance of Color Analysis

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Charli, I am so excited about the professional kit. I think it is going to be a great booking tool. I also have been amazed at how much better I look to people when I wear the right colors. I have been getting compliments right and left. I am so glad I found your site! Lisa K. L.

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