Your 17 seconds are up!
That is all the time you have to make that first impression.

Believe it or not, the first thing you notice when someone approaches is color.
Color evokes emotion and action. It will affect your mood, attitude, presentation and style.

Have you ever seen a person enter a room and think to yourself ‘they must be so truly successful at anything they do’? I am sure we have all been attracted to someone like that, even if we do not know them.  Their key is giving the image of a very ‘polished’ appearance.

Every individual needs to know their proper color tones in order to choose the most flattering colors for their unique skin tones.

In the correct tone:

  • Your eyes will sparkle
  • Blemishes and wrinkles will seem less noticeable
  • You will look rested and assured of yourself




The incorrect color tone:


  • Wrinkles will be more pronounced
  • Your face may look yellow or ashen
  • Your eyes will appear dull
  • You will look tired or ill

Color can easily and quickly make the difference between looking nice and looking ‘WOW’.

ColorTools® provides a personalized color analysis exclusively designed to bring out your ultimate radiance. And if that’s not enough, you will never face the closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. You will transform into the shining star that you are.

3 ways you can achieve your own personal color analysis.

1.Personal Color Analysis Online
Personal Color Analysis ONLINE You can answer our personal assessment online and the results along with your shopping companion “Gemtone Cards” are mailed to you. This also includes a 15 minute phone consultation once you have received your results.





2. Do-It-Yourself  We offer two methods to help you determine your own results;

Personal Color Analysis Kit 

a. Personal Deluxe Color Analysis Kit
b. Personal Color Analysis CD Kit (audio CD) Your Color Image Audio CD
Both include your “Gemtone Cards” for precise streamlined shopping.




3. Personalized Consultation 

ColorTools® proprietary 5 Step System is ideal for those who want to take their best colors and make a Signature Statement. Find out how to personally work with me to not only find you best hue, but to always appear confident, successful and prosperous.
Book a complimentary 15-minute discovery session with me!

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