Charli’s color and esthetic training started in Chicago, Illinois. Since 1983 she has been privileged to provide color consulting services, instruction and patented color products in over 40 countries. In 1996 she branded ColorTools and took her knowledge, skills and products to the internet. She teaches individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs how to face their clients in the best light possible and put more commas in their paychecks. Charli has published numerous blog articles and co-authored, Your Eye For Color book (available on the website).

Charli’s extensive experience is based on the scientific study of color. A strong believer in the effect and result color plays, she has empowered countless individuals with her exceptionally unique approach to the world of color.  She teaches and inspires individuals with techniques that enhance their appearance through the power of color. Charli specializes in personal enhancement, professional color analysis, bridal embellishment and color for home and office décor. She has proven to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary through color. Maintaining a reputation as a leader in her field, she is well known for her timeless methods and seminars.

In today’s fast paced world of communications, it is important to be heads and shoulders above your competition in your efforts to get noticed. In many cases your client has already ‘seen’ you before they meet you. Almost 90% of a buyer’s decision to do business with you, (or buy your product) is immediately based on ‘color’ first. What ‘color’ are you communicating to your audience?

Color Evokes Emotion, Color Evokes Action, Color Changes Everything, Color IS Everything

Signature Presentations are:

  • Transform Yourself With Color   Engaging presentation that illustrates how you can be the shining star. Learn our foolproof and simple tips and techniques so you can appear younger, slimmer and healthier.
  • Your 17 Seconds Are UP!   COLOR is the very first ‘image’ that we give out, whether it is our personal image or our business image.  There is a psychological impact that the colors you are touting have on your observers.  Consider what they are ‘saying’ as your first impression.
  • What Color is Your Business?  Did you know that your products and presentation actually have a language?  Marketing your brand through color awareness can make or break the sale!

“Ms. Charli”, as she is often called, is available for consultation both in person and online. She can be reached by calling 800-248-7947 (8-8 EST).  E-mail is always answered at

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