When seeking new customers, perception of your business is everything. Business cards are fundamental in shaping the image of a business. Colors have long been known to draw out different emotions and attitudes, so utilizing them strategically can have a powerful effect.

Great business cards use great color schemes that match the type of business being advertised. Bold colors such as bright red and orange portray passion and excite the viewer. These colors are best for businesses that attempt to revitalize somebody or something: exciting restaurants, home renovators, and car mechanics. If the purpose of a business is to bring new life, excitement, or energy to the situation, bold colors are a must.

Muted colors such as sky blue and lavender offer a sense of peace and tranquility. Businesses that might utilize these colors include mortuaries, maternity stores, and therapists. These colors cause people to feel calm and understood.

Once the colors are selected, it is important to make sure those colors are printed correctly. When looking at a color palette, there are almost innumerable possibilities. Just like with language, the vast number of options requires correct translation, because the slightest deviation can result in an entirely different message. Computers generally use the RGB (red, green, blue) color model. Printers usually use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key/black) model. Thus, precise shades are sometimes difficult to match. By utilizing the standardized Pantone color chart, businesses can help ensure that the look and feel of the business card carries over into print.

Pantone color experts predict that bolder, more vibrant colors will become increasingly popular over the next year. Select colors for your business theme and materials that reflect your business persona. Keep in mind that being on time with the color trends can bring added comfort to potential customers as they interpret a business’s look and feel.

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