Do you show up with confidence and your own authentic style? Are you receiving these compliments?

“You look great!”

 “There is something about you.”

 “You have such a great energy & confidence when you walk into a room.”

 “Wow, look at you: Powerful. Beautiful.”

What woman doesn’t want to hear all these great compliments?

Of course, we all want to look and feel our best. But, admittedly, a lot of us are clueless when it comes to knowing our color undertones and color psychology.  What do these things even mean? And why should we care?

What most of us do know is that some days we can walk out the door (or onto a stage) and feel like a million bucks! (You know, those days when you are just oozing with confidence and you become a magnet for compliments and people who want to be a part of your vibe.) Others days: Meh! Not so much. (You know, the days when you go out in public and just hope that you don’t run into anybody you know!  I think we’ve all been there!)

Why is that, anyway???

I’m going to tell you a little secret.  And, the thing is, there’s not some crazy complex system involved.  Some simple adjustments, when it comes to the color choices you make in your clothes, make-up, and yes even branding and marketing materials, can make a world of difference in how you are perceived in the world and how you feel about yourself.

But, you have to be armed with the knowledge first.

Hi! I’m Charli Mace.

I’ve always been drawn to fashion and image. As a young child, I learned to sew just so I could design and make clothes for my Barbie dolls!

Then, in College, I studied electro-optics, which is basically color in electronic form (color/light/wavelength, to be exact) before starting my career in the government and mentoring small businesses.

One day, in a chance meeting with the developer of the Images Inc© Color System, I became fascinated by what she was doing with her color analysis work. I plunked myself in front of her and told her, “I want to do what you do!” The poor woman didn’t quite know what to do with me, but she invited me to have coffee. The rest, as they say, is history!

I’ve since gone all-in with color consultations. ColorTools®, our online presence, now has clients in over 40 countries. I love face-to-face consultations and speaking to groups that want to learn how to look their best.

My philosophy is that color decisions can be simple. A little bit of color awareness can make a big difference in how you, or your product, is perceived.

Are you ready to step out into the world as your best, most confident, radiant, self? I would so love to help you on this journey.

 Here’s how we can work together:

I offer personalized consultations for you and/or your business.

You should sign up NOW if you want to:

  • Look Great. Your image will be pulled together and professional so that you look successful and prosperous.
  • Feel great, and exude confidence from the inside out. It’s magnetic and people will be drawn to you.
  • Save money (no more costly mistakes taking up space in your closets)
  • Save time. No fuss dressing. Have a closet full of clothes you actually LOVE to wear!
  • Experience Easy shopping (Our complimentary Gemtone® Cards will assist you in easily choosing which clothes best fit your color palette)
  • Gain Access to the same Professional tools that Image Consultants & Realtors/Home Stagers Use (with personal guidance from me and SIMPLE advice on how to best utilize them)

Two levels of consultation are available: Personal (60 minute session) and Personal/Business (120 minute session).

Personal Color Consultation (60 minutes)

  • First, we’ll determine your skin’s undertones so that we can find out the most complementary colors for YOU! (To ensure we get the most accurate reading, you are asked to arrive with no makeup on, and your hair will be pulled back from your face with a white cape draped around you.)
  • Next, you’ll fill out the color perception questionnaire, and we’ll uncover your color styling needs. Where can we have the biggest impact in your life: wardrobe, make-up, style, stage presence, branding? Are you looking for a career change? To grow your business and your brand? A nice boost of self-confidence? Or, are you planning or attending a special event?
  • We will go thru the four color groups using our patented Face Frames. In the mirror, you will clearly see which group of colors brings out your radiance (eyes white, teeth white, wrinkle appearances are reduced, and your face just glows). Video conferencing is easy if you are not local.
  • You will receive custom Gemtone Cards© with lessons on how to utilize them to shop and even to clear cluttered items from your closet.
  • Color psychology guidance, as it pertains to your lifestyle (office, family, social and networking events).


  • Body type determined with handout to illustrate your most flattering styles
  • Fashion personality discussed. Learn how to successfully wear accessories and finishing touches.
  • Capsule Wardrobe tip sheet.
  • Feng Shui tips to energize prosperity


You receive:

  • Everything in the Personal Color Consultation above, including bonuses


  • Your Brand Analysis. There is an entire branch of science and psychology that focuses on color. Color has a language and it must speak to your client and evoke emotion!  What are your brand colors saying (or not saying) about you? We’ll tap into the message you wish to put out into the world and discover which colors best convey that message according to science and psychology. (This would include but not be limited to product/ presentation/ environment/ customer perception)
  • Business environment evaluated. The colors in your office environments can provide insight into productivity while working as well as customer experiences.

Additional Business Bonuses:

  • How to Feng Shui your workplace to draw in more abundance.
  • Owning the Stage: Your power colors for speaking, networking, and other events

Your Investment in the 2 hour Women in Business Personal & Branded Color Consultation Experience: Only $165

What Others Are Saying

When I began working in a high-end hair salon, I quickly became frustrated because I wasn’t making the nice tips that I was used to in another salon. I had experience, a pleasant personality, and great conversation with my clients. I discovered many of the girls were also struggling, which didn’t seem right for the high-end clientele that the salon drew. I invited Charli to visit our salon & she quickly noticed that all of the stylists were wearing all black. She noted that we looked sleek in our upscale and modern salon, BUT, that a pop of color would do wonders for us. Many of us (stylists’) looked ill when we were surrounded only by black and white. She convinced the owner to let each of us wear a fun colored scarf around our neck.  After consulting with Charli, I knew that one of my most flattering and complementary colors was clear pink or coral. So, I came in with a pink printed scarf on the next day and with a little extra pep in my step. No joke: I made 4 times more in tips that day, and never had a ‘bad’ day since then when I surrounded my face with my best colors. This stuff works!!” ~ Lisa J, Stylist. Schaumburg IL.

Personal color analysis doesn’t have to be complicated! I truly believe that by providing YOU with enough information AND some simple tools, you can easily and successfully shop for clothing and cosmetics that turn you into a confident shining star and compliment magnet. And, with the science and psychology of color behind you, you can up-level your business presence and branding in big ways with some simple adjustments. Your session will quickly and easily pay for itself!

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your consultation today!! Email me at or text me at 321-427-7146 and we will have a conversation to see what fits you best.

Any questions, just ask!  I look forward to working with you. 🙂

Enjoy, Charli

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