The idiom “a picture paints a thousand words” is true. It has been shown that colors affect people’s moods, but so too can they be used therapeutically in the expression of emotions.


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Colors convey what words cannot. A word is limited to a confined parameter within the meaning of the word; however, color transcends boundaries. Much like the fluidity of emotion, colors blend into one another, expressing a wide range of emotions in one glance. Emotions surrounding an event can be varied. People often say that they have “mixed emotions” about given circumstances. Colors help to express a wide range of emotions in a single space. Unlike words that must be presented one after another, a picture with several colors, and several emotions can be presented all at once.

Cultures assign different emotions with colors; however, despite these significations, colors are easy to understand simply by looking at them. For instance, looking at something that’s bright green instantly refreshes the mind, gets the mind thinking and speaks of possibilities.

At one spectrum, red inflicts strong emotions, such as passion or anger. Bright colors, such as yellow, orange and green, reflect insight, ideas and creativity. At the other end of the spectrum, blues signify calmness, peace. Cool colors speak of serenity, relaxation and well-being. Rich hues of the same color can impose subtle differences. Dark colors denote sadness, death and worry.

Just like expression of words and other means of expression, use of color alleviates pent up feelings. It helps one to analyze what’s hiding inside and to give quiet consideration to thoughts and feelings. It further helps others to understand the artist as the colors are a form of communication. Colors speak volumes.

Enjoy,  Charli

Emotional Expression Through Color

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