How many times have you been in a crowd where certain women stood out?  Often they were not particularly beautiful but they had a gracious charm, an air of confidence and honest attractiveness.   They were projecting a positive image, and their presence seemed to create a pleasing environment.  Your eyes fell easily on their faces, and there was nothing about their clothing or makeup that was distracting or uncomfortable to look at.  You were impressed by these women because they seemed to be in control and at ease.  You were sure they must be very successful in their lives.

You may have wished this for yourself and wondered what their keys to success might be. You may have thought that they were born more beautiful than you.

Be assured that few women are born “beautiful”, nor do they always know how best to enhance their own natural good looks.  These skills must be learned.

No matter what your age, every individual needs to know their proper color tones in order to choose the most flattering colors for their unique skin tones. In the correct tone of color your eyes will sparkle and blemishes and wrinkles will seem less noticeable.  You will look rested and assured of yourself.  The incorrect color tone will do just the opposite.  Wrinkles will be more pronounced and your complexion may look yellow or ashen.  Your eyes will appear dull and you will look tired.

Be who you are in YOUR best colors: Diamond, Sapphire, Topaz or Opal. Learn how to put your best face forward in YOUR signature Gemtone® colors. Once you know your Color Image, planning a wardrobe is easy. Using the Personal Color Analysis Kit will make your shopping experience easy, saving you time and money.

Color can easily and quickly make the difference between looking nice and looking ‘WOW’.

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