Color surrounds us at all times, adding vibrancy and excitement to our lives. Most everyone has a favorite hue. We assign colors to emotion and use them to set a mood in our homes and businesses. We are drawn to color in every aspect of our lives.

Imagine a world without color, if life passed by in muted tones of black, gray, and white. It would be drab, dark, and depressing. Color is essential to culture. Artists rely on different dyes to convey feeling and draw people into their work. We are constantly pursuing more vivid and vibrant pigments for our TVs and photographs. Hue is used as a guide or warning as with stop signs and streetlights.

Nature is a master artist. We rise early to watch sunrises and stay up late to see the Northern Lights. We plant gardens alive with coloration and breed flowers to reflect every hue of the rainbow. What would autumn be without its blazing array of leaves? The pigment of an animal’s hide can make or break its camouflage or chance to reproduce. Imagine the peacock without his iridescent plumage. The bird of paradise, without her luminosity, would not warrant such a name. We’re even encouraged to eat a variety of colors.

As humans, we’re constantly changing color schemes. We hide behind varied costumes at Halloween, dress up in shimmering gowns for dance, and express ourselves through every shade of makeup imaginable. The color of one’s hair, eyes, or skin may even attract a date.

Advertising bombards our eyes with vibrancy screaming, “Pick me! Pick me!” And we do. We’ve come to associate dazzling lights, shimmering ornaments, and shiny wrapping paper with Christmas. Children are delighted and stimulated by the tinted toys they’re presented with on their birthdays.

Color refracts through every facet of our lives, thrilling, inspiring, and enchanting us.

Enjoy,  Charli

What Effect Does Color Have In Our Lives?
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