You have heard that color actually has physiological effects on our bodies, but guess what! It also draws ‘action’ from some of Mother Nature’s other creatures. Read on for some of the latest expert findings.

Turquoise/Blue – At the Beach – by changing your tee shirt color from white (which we all know reflects the sun and can add to your sunburn) to turquoise or blue, you can actually increase the UPF (a fabric equivalent to SPF) up to 544%. WOW, the NYU School of Medicine determined that these bright saturated colors can actually help keep out harmful UV rays. Make sure the tee fits well and isn’t stretched as it diminishes the effectiveness.

Tan – In the Park – light neutral colors will keep bees and other insects at bay. Bees are attracted to bright floral colors. Keeping your tee light and low contrast it will not attract these uninvited guests.

Tangerine – In the Woods – light colors are not attractive to forest loving critters such as mosquitoes and deer ticks. These little guys love dark and shady areas, so when hiking in the woods, do not wear clothing that will blend with your surroundings. As a matter of fact, black is the worst color to wear when trying to ward off the mosquitoes. Entomologists even agree that by wearing lighter colors it is easier to spot ticks so they can be removed before they attach to our skin.

Be mindful of these color tones when enjoying your summer outings. It not only will make you more comfortable, but it may make your kids enjoy their outdoor time more.

Enjoy, Charli

Color Isn’t Just for Looking Pretty

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