How Color Enhances Your Life Color plays a huge role in life. Different colors can specifically influence just about every aspect of life. Surrounding yourself with certain colors can influence the way you feel or even your mood.

Choosing from all of the paint colors on the market today can be challenging. One solution is to choose paint colors for your home that will influence the way you feel when you are there. To create a calm bedroom retreat, a nice sage green on the walls can be chosen to make the space feel peaceful and serene. A deep chocolate brown can make a room feel elegant and sophisticated.

Makeup is another way to utilize color. Women choose their makeup to set a certain mood for an occasion. Bright red lipstick can cause any woman’s mood to lift, so she is ready to dance! Dark, sultry colors on the eyelids put a woman in a sexy, romantic mood. A little pink blush on the cheeks can make a woman feel young and girlish again.

Clothing colors also have special qualities about them. Bold prints can make women feel confident and ready to take on the world. Black and tan clothing colors make some business women feel strong and powerful. Bright reds and yellows are playful clothing colors that exude fun.

People can’t help but be influenced one way or another by the colors in the world around them. Using colors to positively affect mood can be a great way to use color to your advantage.

Enjoy!  Charli

How Color Enhances Your Life
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