One of the easiest and least expensive ways to spruce up your home is to give it a fresh, new coat of paint. When you do, it is important to select the right colors. Darker colors can make a room look rich and elegant, while lighter colors can make a room seem bigger and brighter. Colors can also subconsciously affect our moods and how comfortable we are in the home. Although what color to paint your home is a personal choice, you might consider the following color guide derived from principles of Feng Shui – the Chinese art of arranging the environment to create a better life.

White: White is clean and fresh. It symbolizes new beginnings, purity, and innocence. White is great for creating a calm atmosphere. Good for bathrooms and kitchens, but not in children’s rooms and dining rooms.

Red: Red is stimulating and dominant. It symbolizes warmth and prosperity, but could also promote anger and discord. Red is good as an accent color. Not suitable for dining rooms, children’s bedrooms, kitchens or workshops.

Yellow: Yellow is linked to enlightenment and intellect. It symbolizes optimism, reason and decisiveness. Yellow is warm, cheerful and friendly. Suitable for hallways and kitchens, but not bathrooms.

Pink: Pink is associated with purity of thought. It symbolizes happiness and romance, and has a calming and soothing effect. Good in bedrooms (particularly in girls’ bedrooms), but not bathrooms or kitchens. Be sure the pink you use is a true pink and not peach – a color that should be avoided in the bedroom (see below).

Green: Green is restful and refreshing. It symbolizes growth, fertility and harmony, and is associated with optimism, freedom and balance. Green is calming and promotes health. Good in bathrooms, but not in family rooms, play rooms, or studies.

Purple: Purple is dignified and spiritual. It symbolizes power, wealth, passion and motivation. Purple has a high vibration. It is good for meditation rooms, but should be used sparingly in other rooms.

Orange: Orange is powerful, cheerful, and encourages communication. Good for increasing creativity, concentration, and organization. Good for living rooms, dining rooms and play rooms, but not bedrooms.

Blue: Blue is playful and soothing. It symbolizes truth, faithfulness and stability, and creates a feeling of peace and trust. Good in bedrooms, but not family rooms, dining rooms and studies.

Brown: Brown is stable and secure. It symbolizes safety and protection, and is nourishing. Good in living rooms, adult bedrooms, and the kitchen.

Black: Black is mysterious and independent. It symbolizes intrigue, strength and allure. Black can feel heavy when used in large quantities, but if used sparingly can bring strength and power to a room. Black should not be used in large quantities in young children’s rooms, studies or living rooms.

Color in your decor can have an immediate impact on how a room ‘feels’. Experiment with paint as an inexpensive refresher. Check our

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Enjoy,  Charli

Choosing the Right Colors for Your Home
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